Sunday, April 18, 2010

Haints Invasion!

The Haints headin north this weekend to party with us on Sand Mountain. I snapped a few pics and you can view a few more on The Haints blog.

Well the boys from the 'Ham came roolin in like a bunch a hoodlums scarin' the locals.
(Actually this is them leavin'. I wasn't there when they showed up.)

Nick's groupies came too!

Nick's scrotum grew a beard that looked alot like Joe. Not sure how that happened.

There may have been some alcohol consumed the night before this?

When Joe woke up he went huntin'. Guess he didn't know there were free hamburgers.
( Note the confused look on the guy behind him!)

Duane modeled some of Michael's new VC clothing line. This ad will be in Cycle Source later this year.

We hated to see the boys go, and apparently they couldn't bear to see it either.
Had a great time fellas.


Nick said...

Dude, awesome photos. We had a badass time this weekend. We need to make it happen more often. See you fuckers at the Big Mountain Run.

flyinshoesbrandon said...

I second that! A covered bridge run would be most wicked. Perhaps combined with a night in the woods.

Anonymous said...

damn right

dustyshmo said...

yea a covered bridge tour would be kind of cool i down