Saturday, July 31, 2010

Retarded Random Image.

Commonly Commentless

As we post more and more things on this blog, I can't help but notice that the post rarely ever get any comments. Why is that? I myself enjoy looking at everyone's motorcycle and hotrod related blogs, and comment on the post. I consider it an inspiration to keep on keepin on with the blog. Whenever this got on my mind, I started to look around at some of the blogs that I frequent, and noticed that many post on many of them remain commentless as well. I don't post very many pics of other peoples motorcycles, or retarded random images, but it seems that is the kinda shit that people like to see. anyways fuckers, speak up with your finger tips and show some love. if you have a blog or contribute to one, I'm sure you can relate. until next time....BHFFBH

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Friday, July 30, 2010



so,I'm gonna be gone to Sturgis for like the next 2 weeks.... if anyone wants to play Overhaulin, I will gladly give you my shop key. I have the motor and trans. that are going in mine, and the brake parts.....just sayin

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

seat cover

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Ride For Lightning....A must do for YOU!

Alright fellas, Everyone craves a cool ride with cool people....Well, Tim and Ralph are at it again! I went on their last run, The Revenge Run, earlier this year and had a blast. I was the only Barhopper Representing, and I will be holding everyone up to going on this one. For more details check out their blog!

More talk.

Im a nice guy. Really. No really anyone you meet that knows me I am confident would say I am nice. I like good people. I enjoy talking to people and hearing their stories and tales especially old grey beard types. I believe there is an oura around people a energy of sorts and I can feel when a person is good and when a person shouldnt be fucked with. I only like dealing with those that are cool have a good spirit and want to have a good time. I meet people at all stages of their lives and always am willing to talk to them if they are of a good demeanor. Basically I am friendly and when I get to know you I would do anything I mean anything for you. Which brings me to my point. When I know you. If I dont know you and lets say I am riding down the road on my bike and you are coming the other way DONT FUCKING WAVE AT ME. I dont know you. Just because we are both riding a two wheeled vehicle doesnt make you my brother or friend. Why are you waving at me? Did I miss the page in the riders manual that said please always wave to strangers because they have a bike between their legs? I also have a Ford F150 do I fucking need to wave at all other redneck assholes that have F150s? No! So dont wave at me. I know you are doing it because you would like to believe we are a brotherhood. A unspoken rule of the road maybe? Well if thats the case then why time and time again do the same stories of "being broken down on the side of the road and 5 or 6 bikes past me" keep coming up at the bike rallies I go to? Your not a fucking brother. You are a dude with a bike who likes to wave because it makes you feel cool. You saw Mr. Harley do it as he pulled out of his local dealership with his new jeans and boots and a belt he just bought. Fuck him and fuck you. Wave at a church bus, wave at the brother at the bus stop, wave at the cop at the doghnut shop, because each of these people has more in common with you and is much more likely to be your friend than me. Keep waving and I'll keep smiling. BHFFBH

holy power strip batman

this about a four foot strip according to michael

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new Nor*Al member

well, today Barhopper Flounder officially became a resident of Alabama. Welcome Flounder, now Benji has someone he cam pick on!

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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Well, I don't think that I can kick back and let Ted do all of the "editorials" on the blog. It seems like fun to sit and ramble and rant about personal views that we can all relate to. So here goes.... One of the biggest things that gets to me, is how so many people take a good friendship for granted. I'm lucky enough to have people that I consider my friends all over the country that I have met through my laundry list of activities that I have endured over the years. I wish that I could spend more time just hanging out with all of them, but the fact that we live hours or even days apart limits the genuine hangout time. Whenever our paths do cross we always try to make the most of it, and plan and look foward to the next time that we get to hangout. On the other hand, I have friends that live minutes away, and I actually hangout with my far away friends more than the closer ones. I know that I live a pretty relaxed scheldule, I have no kids, my wife is cool with "Guys nights", and I'm self employeed. I have had a few close friends through the years that aren't with us anymore, and I think of them daily. You really and truly don't realize how fortunate you are to have true friends until you lose them. So, my point is, call an old friend that you havent seen in awhile, cause you never know when you or they won't see tommorrow. And don't do anything to jepordize a genuine good ole friendship. Until next time, keep your hands greasy and your smiles cheezy! BHFFBH

Florida Lake monster.

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New editorial

So as I promised here I am writing more shit for you to read. Take it or leave it i'm gonna write it so fuck off if you dont like it.
When I was 12 I was a sponsored BMX racer. I loved racing bikes, jumping bikes and the thrill of winning or losing. I just wanted to ride and I did. It wasnt anything for me to get on my one speed BMX bike and log 8 hours in the August heat in downtown Atlanta. I enjoyed it and still look back on it with a smile on my face. Bmx and two wheels was and is cool. Going fast is cool. Wrecking to an extent is cool. I did it to be free leaving my house with $10 in my pocket for drinks and lunch at Wendys was freedom. No cell phone, no worries (except security guards and dogs) and no problems. I smiled and laughed and rode for hours all day everyday. As I got older things changed I gave up BMX for skating which I sucked at and then came 16 and a car which meant I never went back to riding BMX. I did miss it. I missed the freedom the fun and the two wheels and then I discovered motorcycles. Motorcycles specifically choppers gave me back that freedom and coolness that I longed for. Motorcycles were fast and cool and free. And this is what brings me to my point boys and girls. Riding bikes, choppers, bobbers, motorcycles is fun!!! SO STOP TRYING TO ACT SO FUCKING HARD WHEN YOU RIDE. Smile motherfucker. This shit beats the fuck out of working. Your not experiencing groundhog day in Iraq or Afghanistan. Being in the wind is Zen like and sometimes, only sometimes, better than fucking. You arent hard because you bought built or borrowed a Harley. You arent riding the thing around a prison yard. You dont need to be hard be happy you are'nt at work and you are'nt dead. You are free. You are a kid. You are living a dream that only a few of us get to experience. The fuck next to you in traffic with the tie on and the office job already thinks you are cool dont fucking frown at him. Smile at him and rub it in some more. His dick will shrivel just a little more because you my friend are cool and you are free but what you are not is hard. Join the MMA if you wanna be hard and frown and act like you just got parolled. You probably didnt and even if you did still smile because you are out of jail with nothing to prove. You, just by riding, are proving plenty. You are saying look at me world I love life and living it and if I die getting wrapped around an 80 year olds buick then know world that was a fucking smile on my face and not a frown because I was doing what I wanted to do being free and riding in the wind!!!! BHFFBH

Its getting to be that time boys. I just bought a block of tickets 7th row center October 23rd weekend. If your scared say your scared. Contact me.

Asians have more fun!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

It was the best of times it was the worst of times!!!

There she goes out of my life forever. Finally sold for the third time but this time the guy brought me cash. Good luck with her and Godspeed to you my "ROOSTER".

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Justified Defiance always cool.

So its my birthday Sunday and it has been brought to my attention as I get older that things will never be what they were or have been. This blog which was started by BH Benji was a place we could go to look at pictures and see what other members have been doing. But now that I have kinda taken it over it needs to be more. So I (and whoever else) am gonna start writing a commentary once a week on something motorcycle or hotrod related. Some weeks it may be happy some weeks sad but all the weeks its gonna be a running dialouge for you to read and comment on. Simple right? Well here goes.
So I love motorcycles all motorcycles and have never been brand specific. If it looks cool and goes fast and is loud then I like it. I also like to drink beer but only when I know I can drink beer. In other words I dont come home from work and drink a beer for the taste 4 nights a week. No me I am the worlds oldest binge drinker. I wait until Friday afternoon and then proceed to pound 10 to 12 beers for fun. When these two hobbies of mine collide, that is Beer and Bikes, it is usually at a bike rally. One of those events is called the Horse magazines Smokeout. This year was the 11th year of the event and I actually didnt go. This was the first time in 10 years that I missed it. I had been to everyone until this year except the first one. I have seen the event go from a small unorganized group at an Indian burial ground in a dry county to a cool anything goes Rowan County fairgrounds to what it is now. What is it now? I dont know but it aint what it was. So on to my point. When did it become cool to go to a motorcycle rally and bring a fucking golf cart? People used to look at you bad if you trailered your bike into an event. But now people and not just a couple of people but a bunch of people are trailering in GOLF CARTS? What the Fuck? Golf Carts arent cool. You look like a fucking fat redneck driving around in your fucking EZGo. Get a fucking life. At what point did walking become uncool? I miss those before me who went to a rally with the tent and sleeping bag and one pair of jeans and 3 t Shirts rolled up on their bars. Now you gotta pack a golf cart? You are worthless. You like your fat redneck friend are riding the wave of choppers and Paul Sr. bullshit. Get away from me. The buffet is calling. Are hoverrounds cool? What about Rascals? Walk motherfucker because one day your fat ass will be stricken with diabetes and wont be able to walk. Then you will go to the hospital with no insurance and the tax payers will pay for you amputation and the you will go back to the buffet and back to the rally with your EZGo and then you will die. And all your redneck friends will hold a poker run for you and will drink whiskey in your honor and your old lady will sell your evo to the new guy who just bought himself a Golf Cart. And the cycle continues. Bring back the rally where we all ride and camp out under a tree by a creek. Unorganized unscripted and beautiful like those before us and before golf carts. I miss the old days. Things arent like they were and never will be. BHFFBH.

Thursday, July 1, 2010