Monday, July 26, 2010

More talk.

Im a nice guy. Really. No really anyone you meet that knows me I am confident would say I am nice. I like good people. I enjoy talking to people and hearing their stories and tales especially old grey beard types. I believe there is an oura around people a energy of sorts and I can feel when a person is good and when a person shouldnt be fucked with. I only like dealing with those that are cool have a good spirit and want to have a good time. I meet people at all stages of their lives and always am willing to talk to them if they are of a good demeanor. Basically I am friendly and when I get to know you I would do anything I mean anything for you. Which brings me to my point. When I know you. If I dont know you and lets say I am riding down the road on my bike and you are coming the other way DONT FUCKING WAVE AT ME. I dont know you. Just because we are both riding a two wheeled vehicle doesnt make you my brother or friend. Why are you waving at me? Did I miss the page in the riders manual that said please always wave to strangers because they have a bike between their legs? I also have a Ford F150 do I fucking need to wave at all other redneck assholes that have F150s? No! So dont wave at me. I know you are doing it because you would like to believe we are a brotherhood. A unspoken rule of the road maybe? Well if thats the case then why time and time again do the same stories of "being broken down on the side of the road and 5 or 6 bikes past me" keep coming up at the bike rallies I go to? Your not a fucking brother. You are a dude with a bike who likes to wave because it makes you feel cool. You saw Mr. Harley do it as he pulled out of his local dealership with his new jeans and boots and a belt he just bought. Fuck him and fuck you. Wave at a church bus, wave at the brother at the bus stop, wave at the cop at the doghnut shop, because each of these people has more in common with you and is much more likely to be your friend than me. Keep waving and I'll keep smiling. BHFFBH


Mississippi Man Hunter said...

I will fucking chop hands off from now on!

Violentchoppers said...

OHHHHHHH! I always thought they were trying to hand me something, and I was like " What you tryin ta hand me, I don't even know you Mr. Rhinestone wearin Big Money Biker man!" When I'm in traffic in places like Daytona, I feel like I just finished a Tball game, and I'm in line to give the other team the classic low five, I don't really like you but my coach is makin me do it slap. You picked a really good topic, Mr. Mississippi Man Hunter, I'm callin' you out for the next editorial, I know it will be a riot to read!