Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Its time to start packin your bags ladies! The run in almost here, and I can smell your fear. Tell you chick you will see her Sunday, your boss to look for you Monday, and your kids that when you get back it will be a play day! This is the coolest thing going on in the Southeast, and its not some magazine full of emself punks pocketing the money! Its going to a good cause, and you get a chance to get your dirty hands on some kickass swag. Not to mention riding through the mountains of the Cakalackies as the trees are shaking their leaves with a shitload of other chopper riding derelics! If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, climb out from under your rock and tune in sweetheart! The Ride For Lightning is a run that will go down in the history books for chopper jockeys that reside this side of the M.I.crooked letter crooked letter! Don't act like you forgot, or you haven't ever heard of it. It has been well advertised by all involved and on this blog numerous times. LETS DO IT BITCHES! B.H.F.F.B.H.


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